He Goes the Extra Mile

When I was looking for a realtor, I really wanted to find someone who knew a lot about construction (how houses are built) and an eye for when things aren’t built correctly or things haven’t been done properly. I also wanted someone who could and would really help me through the process as this was my first time buying a house on my own. I got both of these qualities and more with Gabe. When Gabe and I first met, I told him I was quite sure I would need a lot of assistance and probably things repeated to me multiple times until I fully understood everything that was taking place. Gabe provided that needed assistance and assurance gladly and willingly. He was always available to answer a question and just reassure me that it would all work out eventually at times when I got nervous. He definitely went the extra mile and I am so appreciative for the assistance he gave me walking me through this process. I would definitely recommend him without reservation. He is a man of integrity and his word and definitely cares about his clients zealously. 

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