Marketing Materials

This will be a multi-post discussion, but the first area I want to discuss is that of marketing materials.

I cannot tell you how much it pains me to see high-end homes marketed with flyers that are skimpy and unprofessional at best, or riddled with typos and grammatical errors at worst.

The bottom line – you, the homeowner, deserve better.

What you should be getting:

Professional Quality

Recently, I stopped by an Open House for a luxury home in this area. The home was gorgeous, well maintained and staged and in a beautiful neighborhood. The For Sale flyers? Not so much. Printed on dull, flimsy home-printer ink jet paper, wordy and unorganized, filled with typos, and just generally sloppy.

In this digital age, there is simply no excuse for sloppy For Sale flyers. There are plenty of professional-quality templates and printing services on card stock available at a very reasonable cost. At the very least, your agent should be springing for laser printing on a high quality, gloss paper.

Well Written and Organized

Your flyers should be neat and well-organized, with the most important information called out and easy to find. Calling Out Every Element Of Your Home With Excessive Capital Letters Does Not Improve The Flyer’s Readability. On the other hand, bullet points do improve the flyer’s readability and allow the potential buyer to find important details quickly without having to read a huge block of wordy text. Typos and grammatical errors are simply unaccpetable.

Exceptional Photography

Did you know that the vast majority of homes are not sold because of an Open House, but because the buyer first found the home online? First impressions are still everything, and how your home appears in the online listing is still paramount for drawing buyers to the property. Your agent should ensure that your listing photos are taken by a professional photographer, and they should be edited to optimize how they will appear on screen. Our smart phone cameras are imporving constantly, but they are still not up to par when it comes to photographing home interiors to their best advantage.

I get that not every agent has a degree in marketing or an in-house marketing expert – I’m not a marketing expert, I just happen to be married to one – but there are services available for those who need help.

As a homeowner, you shouldn’t be entrusting your most valuable asset to someone who would offer you any less.